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Rules for the safe wearing of contact lenses

Contact lenses are a modern and convenient method of vision correction. A wide range of contact lenses allows a person to make the best choice

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How and what are contact lenses made of?

The means of contact correction are a great way to correct vision defects without compromising yourself in the usual joys of life. Lenses provide visual

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How long to wear contact lenses without removing?

Twenty years ago, the concept of “planned replacement” did not exist. And the manufacturers recommended wearing the lenses until irritation, watery eyes, or redness appeared

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Selection of contact lenses with dry eye syndrome

Despite the frightening name, dry eye syndrome is not a rare genetic disease, congenital feature, or hereditary disease, but an acquired visual impairment. Most of

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Myths and truth about contact lenses

The reason for various myths and misconceptions lies in ignorance and fears of something unusual and unknown. Since the appearance on the market, the means

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Sleep in contact lenses: the pros and cons

Often people with poor eyesight are faced with a situation where, in the evening or in the afternoon, those who are tired or captured by some thoughts fall asleep without removing their contact lenses.

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