The importance of choosing the correct lenses

The choice of optimal contact lenses is not easy. Firstly, soft contact lenses must have the right optical power and adequately correct the person’s refraction anomaly. Secondly, they have to correspond to the corneal diameter and fit well to its surface without shifting during the eye movement. Thirdly, lenses must be qualitative; they shouldn’t cause unpleasant complications when wearing.

The choice of optical power, the radius of curvature, and the diameter of the lens is the job of an ophthalmologist. In most cases, the specialist examines the patient and gives him/her a ready-made prescription, which is used to buy lenses. Therefore, we won’t dwell on the features of a selection of soft contact lenses. Instead, we will tell you how to choose the optimal online suppliers.

Criteria for choosing an online store

In recent years, our life has been changing before our eyes. And of course, the Internet has made a significant contribution to these changes. Today, many people started to pay attention to the online stores, because buying goods in the Internet shop is cheaper and easier (moreover, the choice is better). But here’s the thing.

Let’s say that we decided to buy lenses online. You type the phrase “buy contact lenses online” in the search engine. The latter shows you several Internet shops, where you can buy the necessary product. And now, you need to think about how to choose an online store. Of course, you shouldn’t select the lenses just by their appearance, since beauty and reliability are two different (and not always compatible) things.

There is a number of criteria, and we strongly suggest you read them carefully:

  • Quantity and variety of a model range.
  • Price policy.
  • Quality.
  • Guarantee.
  • Discount system.

In fact, everything is simple. The main thing is to understand clearly how to choose the right supplier!

We have a rating of the best shops

Buying the lenses for the first time, anyone can get confused. Seemingly, all soft contact lenses are good enough, and you can wear any of them without risks to your health. Each package contains lots of incomprehensible characteristics … You don’t have the strength and desire to sort out all this diversity. You just want to buy the first pair of lenses you can find.

But you shouldn’t do this! As in a hurry, you can choose the option that will not suit you in the end.

To understand what contact lenses are the best for your eyes, you should know their main characteristics. It is better to orient in the manufacturing companies and technologies used in the manufacture of soft contact lenses. Once you sort out all this confusion, you will be able to easily choose the most qualitative lenses and even create your own ratings (not only in 2020 but also in 5-10 years).

Additional information and interesting articles about lenses

Today, many companies produce soft contact lenses. However, not all of them involve advanced technologies and release the modern models of lenses. We have prepared for you a comprehensive rating of the world-famous companies that manufacture the most qualitative products and regularly update their assortment. Buying the lenses of these suppliers, you are guaranteed to receive a high-quality product.

Which contact lenses can cause complications?

First of all, let’s make it clear that no soft contact lenses per se can cause dry eye syndrome, corneal ulcer, conjunctivitis, or any other dangerous diseases. Experience has shown that undesirable complications develop in patients who don’t adhere to the rules of use and care of contact lenses.

The only exception to the rule is corneal neovascularization, which manifests in people who have been wearing soft contact lenses with poor oxygen permeability for a long time. This pathology is characterized by abnormal proliferation of the newly formed vessels in the thickness of the cornea. This phenomenon is relatively harmless, but advanced cases can cause unpleasant consequences.