Contact lenses are a modern and convenient method of vision correction. A wide range of contact lenses allows a person to make the best choice. In case of unpleasant symptoms caused by changes in the ocular surface, or if you want to prevent their development, it is recommended to take comprehensive eye care, which includes the use of anti-inflammatory, healing agents and moisturizing eye drops. The use of gel with dexpanthenol and drops based on hyaluronic acid will help to provide comprehensive prevention of any intensity of discomfort and dry eyes.

Soft contact lenses (SCL) for everyday life are convenient and practical. At the same time, it is important not to forget that they are, first of all, medical products. Therefore, you need to handle them carefully and correctly as with other medical products. After all, this directly affects the health of the eyes. The neglect of the recommendations of specialists can cause unpleasant and dangerous ophthalmic conditions and even diseases.

What are the rules for the safe use of SCL?

At first glance, everything is simple with one-day models: you have to put them on, wear, take them off and throw away. But the hygiene of putting on concerns also them:

  • wash hands with extreme care using soap;
  • wipe your hands dry, but only take a fresh towel;
  • wear SCL.

The rest of the rules apply to soft lenses planned replacement, ie, longer wearing:

  • be sure to remove them before going to bed. Exception – the product, the instructions of which clearly indicated what period extended wear for example;
  • observe all lens care and storage requirements. This also applies to wash with special solutions, and in any case, not with running water. You will also need a container and a storage liquid corresponding to the type of SCL and the material of manufacture. Lenses with a long period of use require periodic cleaning of lipid and protein formations. Don't neglect it;
  • discard lenses of planned replacement immediately upon the expiration of the period. The service life indicated on the package is not a whim of the manufacturer, but a concern for your health;
  • if you experience discomfort, redness of the eyes, and other signs of negative effects of the products, remove the lenses as soon as possible. The next step, if possible, should be an appeal to the attending physician. Only he can correctly assess the situation. Don't worry – sometimes you just need a break to wear CL;
  • do not wear contact lenses if you have an acute respiratory viral infection, or if your eyes are injured or inflamed;
  • use only multifunctional solutions and eye drops designed for SCL. Non-specialized means, including drugs, can damage the lenses and seriously harm the health of the eyes;
  • check new lenses for damage or defects. Also, note what the shelf life of the products is.

Compliance with these rules will help to wear SCL without unpleasant consequences for health. The main thing is not to be lazy to observe them.

Errors in the care of contact lenses

To date, the number of eye diseases that are associated with the violation of the regime of wearing soft contact lenses has increased.

The main violations when wearing lenses:

  1. Failure to comply with the terms of wearing lenses.
  2. Putting on lenses with dirty hands.
  3. Failure to clean lenses and containers.
  4. Violation of time cleaning lenses multifunctional solutions.
  5. Lack of teaching patients all the rules of wearing and cleaning lenses.
  6. Many people believe that the term of wearing lenses is determined by the number of lenses wear and not the date of opening the blister.

And this is only part of the violations committed by patients who wear soft contact lenses. Perhaps one of the reasons is that patients do not treat contact lenses as a medical device, so do not adhere to all the necessary rules that will avoid eye inflammation.

One of the most common violations is the irregular cleaning of the container for storing contact lenses. If the container is not cleaned regularly with a fresh solution and the container itself is not changed 1 time in three months, a biofilm form on its walls, which is a favorable environment for the development of bacteria that cause various diseases.

The patients use one-day lenses, which do not require cleaning and the use of additional solutions to combat the violation of the conditions of compliance with the rules for the use of soft contact lenses. Wearing one-day lenses would reduce eye disease due to improper lens wear, but customers are reluctant to change lenses. This is often due to the higher price of one-day lenses. At the moment, patients find it acceptable to buy not only monthly lenses but also quarterly lenses.

If daily disposable lenses are expensive, it is possible that the use of silicone hydrogel lenses for monthly planned replacement. It is worth remembering that a high level of oxygen permeability does not reduce the likelihood of developing infectious diseases in patients.

When buying contact lenses, you should not forget about buying multifunctional solutions that effectively clean the lenses and are easy to use. Today, the use of multifunctional solutions includes such manipulations as cleaning, rinsing, moistening, lubrication, disinfection of lenses.

And most importantly, if you buy lenses for the first time, be sure to listen carefully to the doctor, who will tell you about the correct wearing and care for them.

Thus, no matter how long the consumer has been using contact lenses, he has every opportunity to continue to enjoy good vision and comfortable wearing of contact lenses. To do this, just do not neglect the correct mode of care for them, use suitable care products for the eyes and lenses and do not forget about the moisturizing drops that will help keep the feeling of comfort at a consistently high level, even in unfavorable conditions for wearing contact lenses.

Compliance with the rules of care for contact lenses-the key to comfortable wearing! Feel always comfortable, forgetting that you wear contact lenses. Due to our tips, the contact correction method is convenient, affordable, and simple!